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The Sound of Miranda Ravin

Join Miranda Ravin, Film and Media composer, on her musical journey of self-discovery. Her specialties are dramatic, transcendent, meditative, classical music, as well as electronic music. Browse and download her latest music.

Check out this video from Miranda's studio. Video background music composed, recorded, and performed on virtual instruments by Miranda Ravin. All rights reserved. Main Photo by Juliana Ravin


Behind the Scenes With Miranda Ravin

Miranda Ravin is a Film and Media composer who loves to share the power of transcendent music with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. She enjoys composing evocative and meditative music. Ever since a young age, she has found great joy and satisfaction in the creative process of composing music. The music on this site is only a small sample of her music and is being constantly updated. More CDs will be available for download soon.

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"Miranda-I feel that composing is a great source of joy for you and what you were born to do. The world needs these loving, mellow vibes more than ever. I've been gravitating towards more meditation-type music lately to soothe my sensitive soul. I keep your CD in my car and listen to it every morning I work to set the tone of the day. It helps me focus on inviting in the things I want to see more of in my life and releasing what I want to let go of. Thank you for sharing this precious gift with the world!"

Leigh-Ann Galpin,



"Wow, wow, wow!!! This is incredible! You are a genius! Your music is so wonderful!!! I'm really proud of you. Miranda Ravin for Oscar in Best Original Score!!

Laura Hayes,

Intuitive & Reiki Healer

glenyss, IMG_9995.jpg

"I am so grateful that I found Miranda some years ago. I had been searching for a composer who could capture the essence of "heaven" for my Angelic Relaxation Videos. Miranda understood completely what I was looking for and composed some beautiful, high vibrational, heavenly music that was deeply peaceful, but oh so powerful on so many levels. Thank you Miranda!"

Glenyss Bourne

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